automatic doors operators

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Balloon meet Caesar

When Caesar automatic door closes, if encounter obstacle, slightly contact immediately move away, contact strength is slight, safe and reliable, even if put a balloon in the middle also gently rebound ...

Noiseless track

The guideway is a very important part on the automatic door. The opening and closing of the door body is carried by the suspender with the door body running on the guideway...

Mobile phone to control

Caesar automatic door can be controlled by mobile phone and wifi local area network, or through wide area network, which can control the automatic door remotely and control the running state of the automatic doo ...

Breakout Escape Automatic Sliding Door
Breakout Escape Automatic Sliding Door

Breakout sliding door looks like a standard sliding door with a fine-frame profile system. In the event of an emergency, however, users can open the door panels and sidelights toward the outside by hand (breakout function). The escape route width amounts to almost the full door width for a generous through passage. ...

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