Powerdrive sliding door operator

Powerdrive automatic sliding door system for large and heavy doors of up to 200 kg leaf weight

  • Very powerful drive for large, heavy leaves and wide opening widths
  • Can be networked via CAN bus and integrated into building technology management systems
  • Independent error recognition and recording
  • Adjustment options for all door movement parameters
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs for different functions
  • Application Areas
    • Single and double leaf sliding door systems
    • Interior and exterior doors with high access frequency
    • Opening widths of 700 to 3000 mm possible
    • Door leaf weights of up to 200 kg per leaf
    • Suitable profile systems are fine-framed profile systems with ISO and mono glass, all-glass systems (GGS), integrated all-glass systems (IGG), on-site frame and wooden leaves
    • Suitable for use with different profile systems

There are different types of sliding doors
based on functionality and other features like the weight of the door, area of
use, the purpose of uses, etc.

What is a Powerdrive sliding
door operator?

These operators are designed for handling
heavy sliding doors easily without difficulties.  Powerdrive can be installed on sliding doors
without ruining the aesthetic aspects of the design. It is mostly used in areas
where there is high traffic and cases of overweight.

What are the benefits of
installing a Powerdrive automatic door?

Apart from ensuring ease of operation, there
are other benefits that automatic doors provide:

●     Security

The security team of the organization is in
full control of the doors. Hence, the security team can ensure and manage the
access to either a selected number or even seal it off in case of a security
breach. In addition, in case of an emergency where people need to troop out in
numbers, the door can be set to remain open.

●     Accessibility

The Powerdrive gives accessibility and
convenience to its users. It is efficient in stores or supermarkets where there
is hauling of loads and baggage. It also provides access to people with special
needs like pushchairs and wheelchairs. A Powerdrive also provides ease of use
especially when the door might be heavy duty. Hence, people are given adequate
access as soon as they need to go through.

●     Hygiene Control

In areas where sanitation is the key,
Powerdrive sanitation offers a hand-free solution. In places like hospitals and
food factories where hygiene is very important. It also reduces the risks of
virus spreading.

●     Space Saving

Powerdrive sliding doors help conserve spaces
in space tight areas where space management is important.

●     Easy to use and maintain

Powerdrive has high standards in terms of the
quality they offer and also, the safety, and easy maintenance needs. After the
Powerdrive sliding door operator has been installed, there is little
maintenance needed.

●     Energy Saving

The doors open and close only when needed and
important. This will help to conserve and maintain the room temperature
especially when it is under the air conditioning. 

●     Control Traffic

In areas where there is high traffic movement,
Powerdrive automatic doors are good. They provide access for fluid movement.

To get a Powerdrive sliding door operator
installed on your door, you can reach out to us today at Caesar to get our
expertise and recommendations. We provide the best services.

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