SW100 swing door automatic opener

The design-oriented swing door automatic opener are available for many applications. We encounter automatic swing doors at every turn, in shopping centres, office buildings, airports or houses. With swing door systems, you’ll find a system solution for your building, with which single and multi-leaf sliding doors and even fire protection doors can open and close automatically. In this way, you will not just be optimising your doors in terms of convenience and safety, but will also be saving additional energy.
SW100 swing door automatic opener for accessible single leaf doors weighing up to 80 kg

Opening and closing speed can be individually adjusted
Electrical latching action which accelerates the door shortly before the closed position
Low-energy function opens and closes the door with reduced speed, fulfilling the highest safety demands
Obstacle detection detects an object through contact and stops the opening or closing process
Automatic reversing detects an obstacle and returns to the opening position
Push & Go function triggers the automatic drive following light manual pressure on the door leaf

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