Top 5 Automatic Sliding Door Suppliers

Put, Automated Door Systems are systems that allow doors to open automatically when a person approaches.

Automated doors come in a variety of styles, including swinging and sliding doors. They can have weight sensors under the floor near the door or motion sensors placed above the doors to detect approaching users. They can be made of glass, aluminum, wood, or plastic.

This article will guide you through the top 5 automatic sliding door suppliers. Continue reading to find out more!

 Top 5 Automatic Sliding Door Suppliers

When selecting an automatic door for your pedestrian entrances, they must meet your requirements. So, in this article, we will look at the top 5 suppliers to assist you in selecting an automatic sliding door system.

1.Caesar Door

Caesar Door, one of China’s best automatic door manufacturers, has over ten years of experience manufacturing automatic doors. Their products are CE and RoHS certified, as well as Dunkermotoren, authorized. They use Germany Dunker motors in their ES series automatic doors.

Automatic sliding doors, automatic curved sliding doors, telescopic sliding doors, and heavy-duty sliding door operators are all available from Caesar Door. They provide a wider range of floor springs, glass fittings, and pull handles with their products. Their auto-open door can be customized to meet the needs of each client.


The following are the key features of their garage door openers:

  • Their Flush Mount Bookcase Door is an excellent addition to any study or private office, providing space for a remote area or extra security measures.
  • Their EC100 controller works with the Kaba SLM or Gilgen SLM KLESE control boxes, allowing for automatic self-diagnosis.
  • It Is built with industrial-strength hardware to provide smoother operation and operational control.
  • By deactivating the movement detector system, you can ensure your door remains permanently open. A night-mode setting allows you to lock the door electrically to prevent entry.


  • They are mostly mounted on the wall’s surface.
  • They are both dynamic and cost-effective.
  • They are quiet and add aesthetic value to commercial and residential buildings.
  • They can be installed or fixed on various types of doors.
  • They are simple to use.
  • They can open and close when they detect an object or obstruction in front of them, making it easier for the elderly, disabled, and children to use.
  • They have various activation options such as push-button, approach sensors, push-and-go, and so on.
  • They are equipped with a security radar that ensures the safety of individuals passing through the


2.Horton Doors


Horton Automatics is a market leader in pedestrian doors for manufacturing, commercial, healthcare, security, and retail applications. Horton Automatics Doors can be found in hospitals, airports, hotels, and other settings worldwide. Dedicated Engineers design every product and rigorously tested to meet your most demanding requirements.


The following are the main characteristics of their auto sliding doors:

  • Horton’s corner block frames and door panel pattern add structural integrity for a lifetime of service, making them superior to mass-produced bolt offerings.
  • Horton’s systems provide proven functionality, performance, and longevity as the primary inventor of America’s sliding doors.
  • The heavy-duty electromechanical construction provides maximum uptime. Horton’s systems are so dependable that they are used in mass transit projects where platforms must operate 24 hours a day, and 99% reliability is expected. Horton provides the security of a system designed for the most demanding application




Autoslide creates simple automatic sliding door systems that can be retrofitted to your existing sliding doors at home or the office. Autoslide converts manual doors and windows to automatic. Increasing home accessibility, improving office hygiene, and installing cool dog doors.

It is the world’s first low-cost, easy-to-install sliding door automation system for homes. Aids automatic doors manufacture Autoslide and have been supplying award-winning residential and commercial automated door systems worldwide for over 30 years. Autoslide is widely recognized as a cost-effective and convenient solution for everyday situations, such as letting pets out and assisting the elderly and physically challenged.


The following are the main characteristics of their auto sliding doors:

  • The Autoslide system can automate pocket and barn doors to increase convenience, accessibility, and hygiene.
  • For people with special needs, transform your sliding door into an automatic gate.
  • You can easily operate your sliding doors and windows from anywhere at any time.
  • You can customize your Autoslide System with a variety of accessories


They strive to be the industry’s most strategic, innovative, and professional service partner. Their top priority is the safety of their employees and the uninterrupted flow of goods and people. They take pride in providing customized service solutions that ensure you have a partner who truly understands your challenges.

They have over 60 years of experience and extensive knowledge of your industry. You can call their dedicated 24/7 service hotline for your immediate automatic door and docking service needs.

Do you want to know what solutions they have for your industry? They can provide products that meet your needs for manufacturing, hospitality, or anything in between.


The main features of their auto sliding doors are as follows:

  • Whether you require on-site emergency repair, routine maintenance, access to real-time data and digital tools to control operations remotely, or assistance keeping your entrance system in line with the latest industry standards. Whatever the challenge or goal, they will always be there to help.
  • They provide a smooth flow of goods and people by providing the convenience of automated entrance solutions for any building.
  • You can read various expert opinions and knowledge on achieving a smooth flow of people, goods, and vehicles in and out of buildings. Insights can also be obtained directly from architects, specifiers, and ASSA ABLOY architect consultants.
  • Sustainability considerations drive everything they do, from sourcing to recycling, because it’s good for the environment and business. Sustainability adds value to customers’ lives by reducing costs and developing more efficient products and solutions.

5.Stanley Access

Stanley doors are suitable for various applications, from storefronts to healthcare. Stanley Access Technologies is pleased to manufacture, install, and service a diverse range of manual and automatic door solutions.

Stanley has led the industry with cutting-edge manual and automatic door solutions since the reception was obvious for the world’s first robotic door manipulator over 80 years ago. Stanley Access Technologies builds, installs, and services sliding, swinging, bend, transit/metro, and revolving door systems today.


The main features of their auto sliding doors are as follows:

  • Their touchless doors are designed to fit a variety of applications and provide exceptional convenience, security, and touchless accessibility for your space.
  • Since its inception in 1986, New Horizons Village has provided individuals with physical disabilities with accessible, self-directed living.
  • Their Architectural Specification Consultants will assist you in sorting through specific requirements for your application or project to locate the exact doors you require.

Final Words

Professional installation of automatic door openers is required. When installed incorrectly, they can be hazardous. That is why you should hire a reputable and experienced company.

If you want an automated door system installed at your business, please see the list of best suppliers above. You will undoubtedly appreciate their assistance.

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