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  1. How do I program es200.i have did everything to program it only to be showing error code always. Then I return it to factory settings but no respond.pls.i will like to have the video support on it. Thank you sir.

  2. My name is Rax Chang, from AXIN. AXIN is an auto sliding door company based in Taipei, Taiwan 
    We are very interested in your ES200 and EC100。
    We would like to request a price quotation for ES200 and EC100.
    We would like to request a price quotation for the following items.

    Plus module(PM)
    Wifi App
    Lan:local area network
    wan:wide area network
    Wirless program control
    Daily running record

    Your prompt reply will be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Rax Chang

  3. Hello,

    it's the first time i'm connect with your enterprise.

    i work in France in the business of automatic door.

    i work actually with technology ES200 and i search to identify a second provider.

    in the first time, i'm interesting by ES200 SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM only (without panel)

    could you send me your best price and delivery time (transport provided) for 1x set with the standard component (without driving belt) and optionnal component magnetic lock and PM (PLUS MODUL) to drive the door with LAN or SMARTPHONE.

    lenght standard 4150 mm

    colour of COVER in Raw aluminium

    it is possible to have a private access to order your product?

    best regards

    Thierry VANNESSON


  4. Hello I am doing a job for a customer and he has a  E S  200 system header a box with motor pullies belt sencers.  The customer is saying it is a frameless unit but I see no way to hang the glass with out a frame unless we had Different Hardware for some way to hold the glass , He has no wall janb no treshold nothing but this box and header mateial. can you help me out with this please . Thank You David

  5. Hi 

    I have been woreked for Dorma and Stanley as Commercial Manager for 12 years here in Brazil, and now since 2 years ago, we are development our businesss with automatic doors, and we´d like to find a new provider from this.

    Please, could you send more informations and prices for your systems ? First for the sliding doors.


    Marcelo Silveira

    Cel +55 11 9 9996.1945


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