ES200 Automatic Sliding Door System


The ES200 is the perfect solution ensuring that you are optimally prepared for any application and service Requirement. 

The ES200, there is no longer any need to replace components when you want to expand the functionality of your system. In future, “docking” will be the order of the day. The modular control system comprises of the basic control module (BM) and other two more module available, the function module (FM) and Plus module (PM) also. Consequently, upgrading in accordance with individual customer requirements can be carried out without problem.

The ES200 complies with all relevant European standards . The ES200 is tested and approved for door systems of up to 2 x 160kg / 1 x 200kg and the ES200EASY is tested and approved for door systems of up to 2 x 100kg / 1 x 120kg.

All basic parameters are easy to adjust using the integrated pushbuttons and display. No separate programming tools are necessary. 

The ES200 and ES200 EASY are equipped with PowerDrive technology with identical mechanical components.

With an extra powerful motor and dynamic driving phase control, the integrated PowerDrive system ensures safe and reliable operation.
The ES200 is available as a component kit, as a complete operator, or integrated in all CAESAR sliding door systems.
CAESAR furthermore provides program switches, activators and door profiles as ideal complementary components. With the ES200, offers a drive system of modular design capable of covering every application on the basis of just a few components. The system offers easy assembly and installation, reduced storage and stocking costs, and simple maintenance for enhanced operational cost efficiency.
For extra convenience, you can also program the system using the Caesar PDA , Change or setting parameters

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