BEA C8 Opening and Safety Sensor

Have you ever wondered what makes an automatic
door open and close just at the right time as you approach the door or exit
from the building?

About Sensor

Sensors play a vital role in ensuring that an
automatic door performs as supposed. There are two sensors implemented in the
automatic door opening system. These sensors are the opening and safety

Opening sensor

These are also called activation sensors.
There are different types of activation sensors they nay come as an infrared
sensors, activation switches, etc. The type of sensor to use is dependent on
the influence of the environmental factors.

Safety sensor

These are used to prevent the door panels from
opening at the wrong time, hitting the person passing through,  etc. There are two popularly known safety
sensors. They are beam sensors and safety sensors.

Sensors are implemented in commercial business
and residential buildings. They provide the best function if they are working
in their full capacity.  If the sensors
are not working properly, below are the signs that you need a replacement:


●     The Door Isn’t Opening or

The sensor must detect the presence of a
person standing by the automatic door. Once your door behaves this way, the
first step is for you to check if your power supply is in a good condition.
Then, the sensors are the next.  Check
out which of the sensor is having issues. 
Sometimes, it might be only one or both sensors.


●     The Door Opens at Random

On no account should your door open on its own
without anyone standing close to it. If it is opening or closing repeatedly,
the sensors should be checked. In addition, it might also be the presence of
things like a wandering animals, large insects, etc. In absence of these
things, then you might want to get an expert to check and give professional


●     The Door is Shutting on

If your door is shutting down prematurely and
consistently, there is a need to get a new sensor for your door. It can cause
injury or hazards if you are left unattended. Hence, when this is noticed, it
is important to source solutions.


Caesardoor has experts that can provide you
with the right assessment, information, and everything you need to your
automatic door in shape. Also, we can provide you with the repair and
substitution of parts.

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