Mobile phone to control

With the advent of the 5g era, the Internet is more deeply and widely used, as is the case in Automatic doors, Caesar automatic doors took the lead in opening up a new world. The application of automatic door in the Internet is mainly divided into two parts, one is to control the operation of the automatic door through the Internet, the other is to monitor the running status of the automatic door through the Internet, and collect data. 1. Caesar automatic door can be controlled by mobile phone and wifi local area network, or through wide area network, which…

Noiseless track for perfect running

The guideway is a very important part on the Automatic door. The opening and closing of the door body is carried by the suspender with the door body running on the guideway. All the weight of the door body is borne by the guideway. The mass of the track may cause noise, unstable operation, wear pulley and other problems. Therefore, the quality of the guideway directly affects the operation quality of the automatic door. Caesar automatic door guideway, can be called a high-quality model, in the high-quality aluminum profile guideway, laid a high-density high-tech material cushion, so that the pulley…

ECturn swing door opener all parts

  ECturn automatic swing door Advantage: 1.Accessibility and safety -combined with optimum design freedom. 2.Safety sensors can be used as standard. 3.Ideal for people with limited mobility -the door opens and closes automatically. 4.In hospital,hotel and priate home. 5.Simple and easy connection of additional safety sensors for users requiring particular protection.

The parts of EC sliding door operator

EC is a new automatic sliding door product developed by Caesar for single and double sliding doors. The product integrates safety and reliability with economical durability. Through the newly developed modular design, the automatic sliding door control and drive unit are integrated, which makes the installation simple and convenient.




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