Automatic sliding door accessories & parts–ES200,ECdrive,SLM

Caesar ES200 Automatic door operator, derived from German technology, in line with EN10065:2012 European safety standards, CE, RoHS and FCC international certification, using international famous brand Germany Dunker motor, powerful, safe and reliable, excellent quality, hot sale to More than 90 countries around the world.   Caesar ES200 Automatic door operator is excellent quality,same as … Read more

ECdrive automatic door DPS

The following modes of operation can be set: 1.“Permanently open” The door moves to the OPEN position and remains open. Movement detector or opening button are deactivated.2.“Night mode” The movement detectors are switched inactive, the door closes. Option: the door leaves are locked electrically to prevent forced opening.3.“Exit only” (one- way) The door only opens … Read more

EC100 Door Drive Unit

A modular Door Drive Unit system enables you to answer all the requirements of your customers Flexibility in all functionsThe design concept uses modular components (Kit) thereby ensuring maximum flexibility with a minimum of effort. Robust drive unitWith maintenance-free direct current motor, power electronics for the motor regulation, mains connection with plug supply. Intelligent micro-processor … Read more

Wireless Door Open Button

High sensitivity FM wireless touch switch, widely used in various automatic doors and gating devices, wireless touch switch uses radio waves to transmit signals, touch switch automatic door can move, especially convenient for buried wire wiring inconvenient occasions. Using the self-learning pair code is convenient for customers to add the hand escort switch at any … Read more

Safety Beam Photocell Sensor

Photocell cells work with light. These devicestransfer light energy. In this energy, the current moves in the same direction.Photocell works under the principle of the Photoelectric effect.  Advantages of Choosing aPhotocell Sensor ●     It does not need any typeof fuel to function. These type of sensors is not dependent on anyfuel to function. All it … Read more

Rechargeable Backup Battery

It’s best to be ready for anything unexpectedespecially in various workspaces like stores, hospitals, banks, organizations,etc. This is where a rechargeable backup battery steps in. It provides justwhat you need to keep your business rolling without having any setbacks.   What Does a RechargeableBattery Backup Do? Rechargeable Battery Backup as the nameimplies is a support … Read more