Mobile phone to control

With the advent of the 5g era, the Internet is more deeply and widely used, as is the case in automatic doors, Caesar automatic doors took the lead in opening up a new world. The application of automatic door in the Internet is mainly divided into two parts, one is to control the operation of the automatic door through the Internet, the other is to monitor the running status of the automatic door through the Internet, and collect data.

1. Caesar automatic door can be controlled by mobile phone and wifi local area network, or through wide area network, which can control the automatic door remotely and control the running state of the automatic door, such as automatic mode, local opening mode, one-way access mode and so on. Through the corresponding 

2. management program and software, Caesar automatic door, which is linked to the Internet, can track, monitor and collect the data, and then analyze and sort out the data, so that the effective information data such as market real market, social humanities and management can be obtained.


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