ECdrive automatic door DPS

The following modes of operation can be set: 1.“Permanently open” The door moves to the OPEN position and remains open. Movement detector or opening button are deactivated.2.“Night mode” The movement detectors are switched inactive, the door closes. Option: the door leaves are locked electrically to prevent forced opening.3.“Exit only” (one- way) The door only opens … Read more

EC100 Door Drive Unit

A modular Door Drive Unit system enables you to answer all the requirements of your customers Flexibility in all functionsThe design concept uses modular components (Kit) thereby ensuring maximum flexibility with a minimum of effort. Robust drive unitWith maintenance-free direct current motor, power electronics for the motor regulation, mains connection with plug supply. Intelligent micro-processor … Read more

ES200 Program Switch

A program switch broad range of accessories allows the automatic door system to meet individual requirements and provides easy handling. The corresponding 5-position program switches are available in various designs and suitable for all kinds of applications. Up to 5 different functions:Off, Automatic, Exit Only,Partial Open, Permanent Open

ES200 Mini Drive Unit

The prefabricated MiniDriveUnit with all the electrical components necessary is industrially tested and acilitates the assembly and maintenance of drive units. The control unit has proven its worth a thousand times in all imaginable fields of application throughout the world. The MiniDriveUnit of the ES 200 is equipped with the DIN 18650 / EN 16005 … Read more