Best Automatic Pocket Door opener Suppliers

If you have decided to buy automatic pocket doors for your residential or commercial building, you have made a good choice. Automatic pocket doors are one the best options if you want convenience and also save space.


The first pocket doors appeared in Victorian homes when they were frequently used to divide formal dining spaces or entryways. Today’s updated pocket doors can add architectural appeal and create much extra floor space in a room.


An automatic pocket door can also serve as a distinctive room divider in open-plan spaces. The unusual aesthetic appeal of these doors has contributed to their rising popularity.


There are several suppliers of automatic pocket doors and selecting the best suppliers that offer high-quality and suitable products might be a dicey one. But it shouldn’t be an issue anymore because this guide provides you with the top 4 automatic pocket door suppliers.


Before we get into more details, here’s a bit of information about these kinds of doors and the things to consider when choosing a supplier.


What are Automatic Pocket Doors?

Pocket doors are an alternative to the traditional, hinged doors that opens into a room and slides into a gap inside the adjacent wall. En-suites, pantries, closets, box rooms, kitchens, baths, and other small spaces that might not have enough capacity for a typical hinged door to swing out can all benefit greatly from pocket doors.


Automatic pocket doors should be decided on as early as the design phases of a house project so the encasing wall is built for them. Even though it’s not impossible, installing a pocket door in an existing house can be more challenging.


For instance, complications with wiring, electrics, and pipes may occur, and load-bearing walls will need all the usual preparation work and safety precautions while construction is in progress.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Door Supplier


Even with the list of the top 4 automatic door suppliers, you are more likely going to be settling for one of them. Hence, you need to know how to choose the supplier that meets your unique demands. Here are factors to help you pick out the best suppliers.


The level of durability a provider of automatic pocket doors offers is the first (and most crucial) quality to consider. Ensure the supplier’s doors are built to the highest standards and have a solid reputation for quality. You want a durable system that won’t require frequent upkeep or repairs and will last for many years.


To find suppliers of durable, dependable automatic pocket doors, look for those who employ high-quality components and building techniques.


In your choice of automatic pocket doors, ensure that you do not compromise on this trait.

Reliable Staff and Services

The supplier you want to choose should offer great service and has experts and professionals with adequate expertise and experience in such installations.


Ensure they provide excellent customer service, prompt product delivery, and prompt resolution of issues if they arise. Being trapped with an unreliable supplier that won’t assist you when you need it most is the last thing you want!

Good Reviews

Companies always ask for feedback from their clients on the quality of their work and how well they undertake job responsibilities. Check out the feedback section of the company on their website and see the honest reviews from their customers.


To obtain the greatest bargain on your automated doors, do your research and compare costs from various vendors. Be sure to also inquire about discounts, warranties, and other money-saving solutions.


You should not go for the cheapest but the most affordable. This means they must provide high-quality doors and services at a competitive price.

Installation Procedure

How the doors are installed is another thing to think about. While some companies offer DIY installation instructions, others offer onsite installation services. Before choosing an installation technique, consider which is ideal for your requirements.

Security Technologies and Features

When selecting an automatic pocket door supplier, keep security in mind.  Considering access control systems and other security measures, and selecting a supplier that offers the most recent technology is crucial.


Before choosing a supplier, make sure to ask if they can create access control systems specifically for you to fulfill your requirements.

Top 4 Automatic Door Suppliers

Now to why you are here… Here are the top 4 automatic door suppliers



Caesar is a top automatic pocket door manufacturer reputable for their premium-quality products. They have a wide selection of chic, distinctive automatic pocket doors.

Their automatic pocket doors are on another level regarding functionality, mobility, and lifespan. At Caesar, they prioritize providing excellent services without placing an excessive financial burden on you.


They also have a USP of making doors with beautiful appearances as opposed to the common and plain automatic pocket doors.


Considering their high-quality and durable doors offered at competitive rates, Caesar is a company you should consider if you don’t want to compromise on quality.


Cavity Sliders(CS)

Cavity Sliders USA is a leading supplier of sliding door hardware. They offer a product range that is of excellent quality, is dependable, and functions easily, thanks to rapt attention to detail throughout the whole design and production process.


A full selection of sliding door hardware that is specially made for use with pocket doors is offered by Cavity Sliders.


Additionally, CS produces a selection of automated pivot doors and pocket doors. CS Automation can offer a high-quality automatic pocket door solution for residential, commercial, architectural, and healthcare projects.

Besam (Assa Abloy)

Besam brand is a Sweden-origin brand that has been a part of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. It is one of the top businesses in the identification technology, access control, and entrance automation sectors, with a service area of more than 50 countries.


You can be sure to discover the automatic pedestrian entrances you’re searching for, whether they be sliding doors, swing doors, or rotating doors.


They manufacture automatic pocket glass doors for customers that require several units of their products and take other automatic glass door suppliers into better consideration.


With Assa Abloy, you’ll have a better chance of having customized automated pocket glass doors.


Foshan HDSafe

Originally known as Shunde Guohua Hardware Factory, Foshan Huadi Metal Produce Co., Ltd. is a reputable business that is well known for designing, manufacturing, and selling goods like various door systems, stainless steel hardware, and glass railings.


Huadi has cutting-edge facilities and expert and competent research and development teams. They specialize in Pocket, Sliding, and Swing doors.


Additionally, the company has been registered with the SAFE brand in Germany, which compels them to offer customers high-quality goods.


More Information About Automatic Pocket Doors

Types of Automatic Pocket Doors

You can choose from a variety of types of pocket doors depending. The type you choose depends on your needs for privacy and the rough opening size that will accommodate your door.

  • Sliding pocket doors: Most automatic pocket doors are sliding doors that fit into a typical 36-inch aperture and slide into the adjacent walls.
  • Double doors are a preferable choice if your opening is particularly large. These overlap to form a central closure when they are open, receding into the side wall on the other side. It has a kit that automatically pulls the door closed after the door has opened. It also uses a sliding door mechanism.
  • French doors – Because they have two doors, French doors that function as pocket doors resemble double doors. As opposed to double doors, automatic French pocket doors only require one regular door opening. Additionally, these doors will include glass panes.


Benefits of Installing an Automatic Pocket Door

Traditional hinged or sliding doors cannot compete with the range of advantages provided by automatic pocket doors. The following are a few of the main benefits of installing an automatic door:

Saves Space

The ability to maximize usable space in small spaces and tight corners while maintaining access to large-scale doorways when necessary is a key benefit of automatic pocket door systems.


Additionally, the system stops people and items from getting tangled in the door’s closing path, preventing accidents and enhancing security and privacy for your home or place of work.

Safety and Security

Automated pocket doors aid in avoiding accidents. They prevent both children and adults from getting their fingers snagged in a closing door since their sensors detect movement and automatically open and close in response.


Automatic pocket doors can also help with security management. Security will have the power to remotely operate the doors, allowing them to either open them to certain traffic or shut them completely to keep individuals out.


As an alternative, the doors can be configured to stay open, which is perfect in an emergency when the facility needs to be evacuated quickly.


By eliminating the need to open heavy or obstructive doors manually, automatic pocket doors offer a high level of convenience for both users and staff members.


These doors make it simpler for people carrying baggage or strollers since they eliminate the extra effort required to push a heavy door open.


Everyone who uses automatic pocket doors benefits from its convenience, whether those carrying bags in both hands, those pushing strollers or using wheelchairs, or, more commonly in this day and age, those holding a phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.  Everyone should have access, regardless of their physical ability.

Hygiene Control

Automatic pocket doors are an excellent option for places like hospitals and food plants where sanitation is crucial because they are hands-free. By boosting air pressure in the space, an automated pocket door with an air-tight function can also stop dirt and dust from entering. This option is perfect for operating rooms and other regulated settings, like labs.

Easy to Install

Also, installing automatic pocket door systems is really simple. They don’t call for specialized equipment or difficult wiring procedures, giving you more freedom to choose where to put your new doors.


Here you have the list of the top 4 suppliers of automatic pocket doors. However, our favorite of these four is Caesar Doors because they satisfy all the unique requirements of choosing the best supplier. Caesar Doors guarantee high-quality, long-lasting products.


By opting for automatic pocket doors from Caesar Doors, you can rest easy knowing you and every other person have dependable access to your facility and that every time a customer enters your commercial building, they’ll have a good experience.

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