Fire-Rated Automatic Swing Doors: Key Features and Considerations for Effective Fire Safety

Fire-safe buildings need fire rated automatic swing doors. Fire-resistant doors safeguard building people and property from flames and smoke. This article will discuss fire-rated automatic swing door features and standards.

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Fire Rating
A door’s fire rating is its ability to withstand fire without damage. 30–90 minute fire-rated automatic swing doors are common. Consider the size of the entrance, the building’s population, and the building’s construction components before choosing a fire-rated door.

Fire Glass
Fire-resistant glass on fire-rated automatic swing doors lets you see the fire or smoke on the other side. Fire glass is manufactured from tempered glass that can resist extreme temperatures. Consider the size of the glass panel and the fire resistance needed when choosing a door.

Smoke Seal
Fire-rated automated swing doors must also block smoke. Smoke can impair breathing and visibility like fire. Fire-rated automatic swing doors with smoke seals safeguard building occupants and property from smoke.

Door Material
A fire-rated automated swing door’s material is also crucial. Fire-rated doors are comprised of steel, wood, and glass. Steel doors are popular in commercial and industrial settings due to their durability and fire resistance, whereas wood doors are employed in residential settings due to their aesthetic appeal. Glass doors can be used everywhere with fire-resistant glass and smoke sealing.

The door frame is very crucial. Fire-resistant frames must hold fire-rated automatic swing doors. Fire-resistant hardware and sealant must be used to install the frame.

Automated Doors
Fire-rated automatic swing doors need door operators. In a fire, these operators open and seal the door automatically, letting building residents escape safely. Motion sensors, push buttons, and remotes trigger automatic door operators.

Emergency Exits
Fire-rated automated swing doors also have emergency exits. In a fire or other emergency, these devices help building inhabitants escape safely. Push, panic, and touch bars trigger emergency exit mechanisms.


Fire-safe buildings need fire-rated automatic swing doors. When choosing a fire-rated automatic swing door, consider fire rating, fire glass, smoke seals, door material, door frame, automated door operators, and emergency exit mechanisms. In a fire, the appropriate door can protect building residents and valuables.

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