Automatic Swing Doors: Key Specifications to Consider for Your Application

Commercial and public buildings choose automatic swing doors for their ease, accessibility, and efficiency. There are several specs and features to consider when choosing an automatic swing door for your application. This page discusses automatic swing doors specifications.

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Door Type
Selecting an automatic swing door starts with the door type. As noted in the preceding article, automated swing doors can be single, double, low-energy, or high-energy. Application and pedestrian traffic determine the door type.

Door Size
Door size is also significant. Automatic swing doors range in size from ordinary to enormous to accommodate big groups or equipment. Considering the estimated doorway traffic, choose a door size that fits the application.

Door Material
Another factor is door material. Glass, aluminum, and steel make up automatic swing doors. Commercial glass doors are popular due to their visual appeal, whereas industrial aluminum and steel doors are employed for durability.

Safety Features
Automatic swing doors must be safe. Doors must include emergency stop buttons, safety sensors, and safety signage. Selecting a door that satisfies safety regulations and has safety features to safeguard people is crucial.

Activation Methods
Motion sensors, push buttons, and remote controls activate automatic swing doors. The application and user need to determine activation mechanism. Motion sensors are good for high-traffic areas where users have their hands full, whereas push buttons are better for locations where users have time to activate the door.

Control Systems
Automatic swing door control systems are crucial. These systems control the door’s opening and shutting and monitor its performance. Building managers may optimize door performance and decrease running costs with real-time data from advanced control systems on usage, energy consumption, and maintenance.

Power Supply
AC, DC, and battery power automatic swing doors. Power sources depend on application and availability. Remote doors may need batteries, while commercial doors can use AC power.

Sound Level
When choosing an automatic swing door, consider sound level. Noisy doors can disturb users and neighbors. Considering user and environmental considerations, choose a door with an appropriate sound level.


Many commercial and public buildings have automatic swing doors. Consider door type, size, material, safety features, activation methods, control systems, power supply, and sound level when choosing an automatic swing door. Selecting the correct door for your application can improve traffic flow, accessibility, user safety, and efficiency.

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