automatic sliding doors emergency exit

Product features
Usually is comfortable and smooth shifting type automatic door opening, according to the needs of the door opening to the original width of 2 times. And bulky items to move out to move into organized large-scale activities is very convenient. Quality Assured Manufacture Once the danger, the
door can by single handle dynamic operating the door outward open, do the ture meaning of the disaster prevention and evacuation door, convenient and flexible to use. In the 11ON under the thrust of the movable door leaf and fixed door can open 90 degrees. Single and double effect can reach Kaiping. The whole frame without another frame, more beautiful. Light weight, convenient installation, high efficiency. After the event fan Kaiping, but also can be pushed to the side, so as to achieve the maximum width of the door open 6 meters. Extra wide opening in the operation, can be any one of the 90 degree of the open, so that the effective opening to maximize the evacuation and handing of large objects. Door once emergency open, lateral movement function of automatic stop! Effectively prevent personnel in the escape, the transverse movement of the door leaf extrusion injury. 
The automatic door system passes through 1 million life tests. Hanging wheel with polyurethane, super wearresistant, run more quietly.
The door body glass of the fixed fan and the movable fan is composed of a w
hole piece, light weight, transparent and beautiful, and generous, and conform to the aesthetic value of the Chinese people.

Why do you need a Caesar Break-out Door For
an Emergency Exit?

Emergency exit is a necessity in every
structure, especially one that houses several people. Every building according
to the safety acts must have a well-designed emergency exit system in full

What Does Emergency Exit Mean?

This provides people with a safe means of
escape during uneventful occurrences like in case of a fire emergency.  Hence due to the panic and unsettling
behaviour during such occurrences, the emergency exit must be easily
accessible, unobstructed, and in a permanent location. When an emergency
occurs, emergency exits must lead to locations that will provide safety from
the imminent danger the people are trying to escape from. Some of the types of
emergency exits that are usually linked to the outside of the building
sometimes include fire escape ladders.

Ideally, a building ought to have a specific
number of fire escapes according to the capability they hold and the maximum
number of people the door would be subject to. Emergency exits don’t function
in building structures only. They are also used in ships, aeroplanes, etc.
Emergency exits are usually marked with clear and bold signs.

What is Caesar Break-out Door?

Break-out doors are usually used at emergency
exits. One of the safety features that are prioritised is the ability of such a
door to be easily opened from the inside during a panic state. Break-out doors
are usually used as exits in case of emergency. A Break-out door must comply
with safety standards and must be maintained from time to time to ensure it is
responsive and not obstructed by materials. Hence, in case of emergency, people
will not be stranded because of obstructions or the door is stuck. Most of the
Break-out doors are usually designed to resist the spread of fire through the

Caesar Break-out Door is perfect for crowded
public areas where there are high daily activities. Such places include railway
stations, airports, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings,
etc. This Break-out door can be used and installed on the main entrances and
exits. This provides a maximum function in case of emergency. You can trust
Caesar Break-out Door to provide the best open and closed system that will make
it less chaotic in cases of emergencies. Our Caesar Break-out Door is based on
an emergency push device. This allows the door to be pushed from its inside,
which is proper for the circumstances.

You can reach out to us to get a
well-structured and highly responsive Caesar Break-out Door for your buildings.