Hermetic door – Automatic hermetic sliding door for hospitals

What are Hospital hermetic automatic doors
and their function?

Most people are more conversant with sliding
doors because that’s what they see almost everywhere they go. Hence the
hospital hermetic automatic doors sound foreign. Then, people who visit
hospitals regularly must have seen it severally without knowing it. At the end
of this article, you’ll have full knowledge of the mentioned doors.

What are Hospital hermetic
automatic doors?

Before going further, let’s look into what
Hermetic means. Generally,  this is a
word for an air-tight property. Hence it is perfect for what it is used for.
Since it is airtight, it provides a vacuum and keeps the tiniest speck of dust

Mode of application

The doors are fitted with a circumferential
hermetic sealing system, hence its strong sealing ability. These doors are highly
favoured in medical environments like laboratories, operating theatres,
clean-room or in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in regions where
quarantine is aimed at preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses to other
areas of the hospital.  It is also used
to achieve sterility because of its strong ability to keep dust, dirt, and
other foreign materials away.

In addition to being a hospital door, it can
be used as a lab door. Laboratories are known for their vulnerability to
toxicity and contamination. Also, it is known for its high value of sterility.
With the door, they can achieve greater accuracy in their result because they
achieved a certain amount of perfection.

Features Of
Hermetic Door

●     These doors occupy less space. They are less noisy which is perfect
for a hospital setting.

●     It can be equipped with an overhead sensor, button-press system,
foot sensor, fingerprint system, etc.

●     It has an aluminium frame and double glazed glass.

The function of Hospital
hermetic automatic doors


These doors are sound are perfect for a
soundproof structure.  Apart from being
commonly used in the hospital, they were used in studios and banking


It is known for its capacity to keep and
protect the escape of radiation from radioactive radiation in laboratories
during an experimental procedure.


They prevent the escape of external and
internal air. They provide air and water-tight features. They are perfect for
the operation room.

Where can you get Hermetic

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