When the balloon meets Caesar’s automatic door

Even without safety guards, Caesars automatic doors perform the safest performance with excellent performance and bounce gently when encountering weak objects such as balloons. If Caesar’s automatic door is closed, the slight contact is removed immediately, the contact intensity is light, and the contact is safe and reliable, even if the balloon is gently bounced … Read more

World Market

     With many years’ development and industry experience, Caesar now has a great many of satisfied and repeat customers who has applied our automatic door systems from more than 40 countries on five continents.      Automatic doors are more and more widely used nowadays no matter for commercial or residential. One research  conducted … Read more

Why Choose Caesar

         Caesar automatic door is a leading provider of the high quality automatic doors and associated products with almost 20years of industry experience, technology, manufacturing process, service system and professional staff.        Caesar automatic door is mainly derived from European, especially German and Swiss technology. With modular, integrate and flexible … Read more


      As manufacturer, We offer strongly technical support, Install, repair and preventive maintenance on automatic door operators. Our professional organization of skilled and experienced technicians can assist you quickly to serve your customers.       We help all distributor and businesses, from smaller organizations with a few door operators to large distributor … Read more

Design & Application

A good design of an entrance must include the good products and good application CAESAR Automatic door Systems solutions meet the highest demands for quality, design and functionality .       For Public Facilities  Entrances to a public facility should enhance the experience of the visitor as well as provide        convenience and … Read more

Corporate Strategy

Mission and Vision ? Our Mission CAESAR is the trusted partner for premium access solutions & services enabling better buildings. Partnership means long-term relationship and special service.Global partner & Customers around the world respect CAESAR as a reliable, globally active business partner. Premium | A superior offering (product, solutions, services, processes) in each price segment … Read more

Other questions

1. How to proceed the learning circle for ES200 a.    A. Move the panel to half open position b.    Set program switch to “close” c.    On power, should close slowly d.    Start learning cycle when panels is close e.    Start learning cycle, press “SERVICE”(The Red button), release the button when door leaves moving open slowly, … Read more