Information of Packing& logistics

                                      Information of Packing& logistics   1×20ft container can load: 160sets standard ES200 operator (4m track) Operators packing in hard carton box, individual   Purchasing operators including track from us, our trained workers will assemble the machine before … Read more

Breakout Escape Automatic Sliding Door

The full breakout sliding door is special designed to meet fire officer requirements. Both sliding door panels and fixed panels can be swung out in an emergency. These doors give an emergency opening of about 85% to 90% of the structure width.   This feature is sometimes used as a way of giving a greater … Read more

Curved Automatic Sliding Door

The Caesar Curved sliding door produces an impressive and elegant entrance in three dimensions, with depth in addition to width and height. It also provides a larger clear-opening width than a flat sliding door for increased ease of passage during busy times of day.   Available for bi-parting external and internal doors, the Curved sliding … Read more

Telescopic Sliding Door

Telescopic sliding doors are designed to maximise the walk through width available and can be used in narrow entrances or to give a really wide opening. Telescopic will normally provide an opening about 55 to 60% of the structural width.   The Telescopic is the natural choice for narrow passageways because it maximises the width … Read more

Caesar Automatic Sliding Door

The sliding door is probably the most highly developed type of automatic door, and because its direction of travel is normally away from the line of travel of people, it is considered to be the safest type of automatic door.   The high level of safety on an automatic door should ensure that accidents are … Read more