BEA IXIO-DT1 Microwave & Infrared ray curtains Sensor

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The IXIO-D is a sensor which combines radar technology for the activation of the door with infrared technology for the user protection. The unidirectional radar enables energy savings to be made. The three-dimensional infrared curtain protects people from any contact with the doors.


Due to the unidirectionality, the duration of the door opening cycle is shorter, which reduces heat loss from the building and saves energy. This also optimises the “airlock” function.


4 red spotlights visible on the ground to adjust the angle of the
failsafe curtain.


Intuitive configuration with an LCD screen displaying texts and
symbols (LCD graphics).

Infrared curtains

48 high-density infrared spotlights from 2 curtains protect users from any contact with the doors. A 32-bit microprocessor optimises the processing of information coming from the environment.

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