Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism ES200 with BEA IXIO-DT1

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  • Dunkermotoren GR 63×55 30V motor
  • Max. door weight:1*200kg,2*160kg
  • Passage width:700-3000mm
  • Passage height:2100-3200mm
  • Track length:Standard 4.15m,Custom 2-6m

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ES200 automatic door operator

Caesar ES200 automatic door operator, derived from German technology, in line with EN10065:2012 European safety standards, CE, RoHS and FCC international certification, using international famous brand Germany Dunker motor, powerful, safe and reliable, excellent quality, hot sale to More than 100 countries around the world.
 The ES200 is an elegant and fuctional unit that has been designed to meet the requirements of every automatic door application.

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BEA IXIO-DT1 (Micro wave & Infrared ray curtains Censor)


Dunkermotoren GR 63X55 30V motor x 1
Basic module (BM) x 1
Power supply unit x 1
Carriage (Door bracket with adjustment) x 4
5 positions program switch (Key switch) x 1
Belt connection x 1
Return pulley (With belt tension) x 1
End stop (End buffer) x 2
BEA IXIO-DT1 sensor x 2
Driving toothed belt  x 1
Rail profile (4.15m) x 1


(Not included in standard package)

Internal cover (Aluminum) set
Safety beam sensor (Light barrier)
Electric mechanical lock
Backup battery pack (Rechargeable)
Magnetic lock
Dual mode sensor (Radar plus IR)
Function module (FM)

Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 423 × 21 × 14 cm


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