Best magnetic door locking system

A magnetic door lock is a door locking mechanism that is generally seen in most aluminum doors, commercial building and offices.

Also famous as electromagnetic door lock, these kinds of door locks are best substitute to spring bolt or deadbolt style locks that need a key. Single door from business and offices establishments generally make the use of a magnetic door lock and it is linked with a keyless entry systems, such as keypad, a latch, or more generally the card access system. Some latest versions are linked with fingerprint scanner to make them simple to access.


Key features of magnetic door

Here are some of the key features of magnetic door lock system:

Power supply

These types of locks can either by powered by DC or AC power source. Pick one that matches your requirements.

Magnetic strength

The strength of the magnetic face decides the security level. Look for locks with top magnetic force for better security.

Locking mechanism

There are two general types of locking mechanism, fail-secure and fail-safe. The fail-safe lock will free the door when power is cut off, while the fail-secure lock stays locked during energy failure.

Access control

Determine whether you want a lock with general access control or latest features like biometric authentication and key card systems.


Consider the type of frame and door you have. Some locks need professional installation, while others are simple to install yourself.

Monitoring and integration

Look for locks that can be integrated with existing security structure and provide remote monitoring features for added ease and relaxation of mind.

Consideration before buying

Compatibility: Make sure the magnetic door lock you pick is compatible with your existing access control system.

Security requirements: Access the security needs of your asset to determine the level of protection needed.

Installation: Determine whether you will need expert installation or if you can handle the installation yourself.

Power supply: Consider whether you favor a lock that operates DC or AC power supply, depending on the preferences and setup.

Budget: Set a budget and explore choices within the price range. Remember, prioritizing standard and security is essential.

Can I install a magnetic door lock on any door type?

Magnetic locks are perfect for various door types including metal, wood, or glass. Anyway, it is essential to confirm compatibility based on your door and frame features before making a purchase.

End words

Magnetic door locks are generally seen in buildings, offices, business establishments, and anywhere that has a new feel or design to the rooms and the area. The door lock that is magnetic is a substitute way of locking the door without the use of a keypad system, which avoids lock picking altogether.

Magnetic door locks are electrically run so it is more likely that they will be linked to a keyless system for safety objectives. Some keyless structures that have eye scanning can also be linked to a door magnetic lock.

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