How to lock a sliding glass door from the outside

Sliding doors are attractive for homeowners to enjoy a view, let light into a home, or better the appeal of an outdoor entertainment area. The unobstructed view offered by sliding glass door can be wonderful, but these doors also pose some issues in securing your home against intruders.

There are lots of ways to lock a sliding door outside, but not all techniques are perfect for all conditions. The security action should ideally have lowest impact on the featuress of the sliding door and view it gives.

How to lock a sliding door from the outside

Fix an exterior lock

Before whatever thing we do, you need to look for general security.  In this way, try to install a general lock, and extra lock for high protection. Here are some easy steps that will need to follow

Start by cleaning your door, just like we perform it normally, with some hot water and liquid soap.

It is wise to ensure that the door is fully clean, including the door frame. Then we need to leave it to dry. It would be better if we could dry it with a towel, as it would hasten the process and make the door very clean.


Finding the best spot

We need to find a place where there is no glass behind the door frame.  For this objective, you need a screwdriver.

We need to hit the door with the plastic part of screw driver and hear with the help of ears, must hear the sound to change.

As soon as the sound changes, it is a sign that there is no glass behind the door frame.


Marking the found spot

We can use a chalk or marker to perform that. We make a mark on our found area.

We must be alert while marking the spot. This area will be the right place where we will need to add screws to locate our lock, to make our door extremely secure and safe.


Installation of the lock

We will need a hammer and punch. Drilling a hole will be as we generally drill one. We need to hit the punch with a hammer on our marked area.

When you are fully sure that the lock has strongly fixed inside, we need to join the door lock strongly, bring into line it with the place of the mounting screws.


Mounting the latch plate

We now need to fix a latch. Ensure that the lock is rightly mounted. Mark a spot for the latch plate. Drill holes, just the essential ones, on your newly marked area.


Fixing a lock is very secure

What we will need to perform is put in extra protection, a sliding glass door lock. The type of lock put depends on the door type we have.


End words

Sliding glass doors are functional and charming features of a home. But they don’t have to compromise your relaxation of mind. With a few easy prevention measures, your sliding doors can be fun and secure.

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