ES200 Sliding Door Power Supply

When you see an automatic sliding door, the
first thing to take note of is the aesthetic and then, the working principle.
An automatic Sliding door remains like every other manual door in the absence
of a power supply unit directed to it.

What are Automatic Sliding

Once the doors are connected to a power
supply, it moves from manual to automatic. Automatic sliding doors have a lot
of advantages. These have many advantages especially when you want to add value
to your business or homes. Automatic doors are known for their

●     Esse of use- Since the door is automatic, the users do not have to
expend energy into the process of interacting with the door.

●     Convenience- Providing convenience for your customers is one way to
attract and keep your customers. People tend to be appreciative when they are
provided with comfort.

●     Hygiene- since it is a touchless entry, there is no direct contact
with the door surfaces hence, it helps minimize the spread of germs.

●     Improved traffic- If your shop is frequently visited by people,
automatic sliding doors are important. 
They can help you control traffic and keep your customers on the go.

●     Energy Savings- Automatic sliding doors have the special feature of
being able to conserve energy inside a building.  Hence, lower energy cost is incurred because
it reduces the cost of cooling the building.

What is a Power Supply Unit?

A power Supply Unit is commonly known as PSU.
it is an internal IT hardware component that does a simple work, conversion.
The function of a Power supply is contrary to its name. A power supply does not
store any charge. What it does is convert alternating current (AC), these are
directly supplied from your power plants to a Direct Current (DC).  They also act as a regulator.  They provide and finesse the current of the


When you patronize us at Caesardoors, you can
always be assured that our power supply offers the following features:


●     Protection

Our power supply has some additional
protection embedded in it in case of fluctuating in the AC supply. It has an
overcurrent, overload, and undercurrent protection.


●     Efficiency

A Power Supply Unit must be highly efficient.
This will enable your sliding door to function effectively.


Our Power Supply Unit is made by people with
years of experience who have learned various methods and qualifications
involved in making the best Power Supply Unit

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