What Is the Different Between Gliding and Telescopic Sliding Doors?

There are various alternatives available when it comes to selecting the best sliding door style for your room. However, gliding doors and telescoping sliding doors are two scommon choice. So What is the difference between gliding and telescopic sliding doors? Caesar Door is an authority on both types of doors, and we’re here to explain the distinctions to you.

Gliding Doors

Bypass doors and sliding patio doors are other names for sliding doors. They are made up of two or more panels that glide past one another on a track. Gliding doors provide a broad, unhindered view of the outdoors and are perfect for bigger spaces like patios or decks. For homeowners who want to combine interior and outdoor spaces effortlessly, sliding doors are a popular option.

Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic sliding doors are a form of sliding door that stacks on top of one another, producing a compact and space-saving design. Telescopic sliding doors are a popular option for commercial and residential environments where space is premium. They are also a fantastic way to make a grand entry in more extensive settings.

Differences Between Gliding and Telescopic Sliding Doors

Gliding doors and telescopic sliding doors act very differently from one another. Telescopic sliding doors slide and stack on top of each other, whereas sliding doors slide past each other on a track. Because they don’t need a lot of areas to work, telescopic sliding doors are a better option if you have a little space.

The quantity of panels is another distinction between the two. Telescopic sliding doors can have many panels stacked on top of one another, whereas sliding doors usually have two panels. As a result, telescopic sliding doors can be made to fit a wider variety of openings.

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