What You Need to Know About Telescopic Sliding Doors’ Drawbacks

Telescopic sliding doors are a great option to give your home more class and sophistication. They are a popular option for both business and domestic environments because they are great for making a grand entry and have a space-saving design. Telescopic sliding doors do, however, have some disadvantages, just like any other product. So, What is the disadvantage of telescopic telescopic door?

These are a few drawbacks of telescopic doors that Caesar Door has compiled to help you make an informed choice.


Telescopic sliding doors are simple to use but need some upkeep. The tracks must be cleaned regularly to keep dirt and debris from accumulating and impairing door performance. The rollers on the doors must also be oiled to ensure smooth sliding.


Telescopic sliding doors are trickier to install than conventional sliding doors. They need extra room and forethought to guarantee that they are built properly. In addition, if the doors are not placed correctly, they might not perform smoothly, which could cause problems later on.


Typically, telescopic sliding doors cost more than standard sliding doors. The additional hardware needed for the doors to stack and glide smoothly increases the cost. Yet, telescopic sliding doors are frequently more advantageous than they are expensive, especially if you have a small area and require a door that can stack neatly out of the way.


Telescopic sliding doors can be noisier than standard sliding doors. When the doors are opened and closed, they make additional noise since they stack on top of one another. While this might be a minor deal for businesses, it might be a problem for homes with minimal noise.

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