5 thoughts on “3. How to connect the sensors?”

  1. Dear…
    I purchased a sliding door from you..and i could not connect
    The outside and inside sensors because the sensors cable
    Has 4 wires and the diagram in the catalogue has 3 wires

  2. hi

    i am hopeless as you have not replied me about the price of total with shipping to india. i am still waiting your reply. i am ready with money in my bank account. i want to use aliexpress  for payment. and also suggest me that i want my invoice should be low cost for customs duty in india. can you make a low cost invoice for me? i really want your product.

                             thanks waiting your reply.

  3. my questions about EC100 sliding door 

    i want to know how to connect the inside and outside sensors 

    is there any bridges (sort circuit) at the control unit 

    i need the connections for every pin in the control unit 


  4. dear sir/Mdm ……I have fixed the sliding door then there is the problem when the power cut and come back the door doesn't work automatically so how can I do that.



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