Automatic door controllers

the mid-20th century, automatic door controller for building purpose has grown
increasingly common. Indeed, they are using in many countries nowadays, and it
is expected in many residences: doors open and close automatically. These doors
are used as welcoming and inclusive entrances in groceries, restaurants, auto
repair shops, government buildings and schools. They can also be modified at a
low price.

sliding door controller has also become the people’s choice. Its popularity is
rapidly increasing day by day as they are an excellent way to revitalize and
enhance your home area without having to spend your leg or arm. They also
provide a smooth, natural transition between indoors and outdoors, bringing the
outdoors into your house and taking your home outside. And more importantly, sliding
automatic doors
are responsible for taking care of your form any security issues.


is the world’s leading maker of automatic door controllers, using Brush DC
servos with embedded electronic control devices. By working with and being authorized
by Dunkermotoren, our EC100 automatic door controller and ES200 automatic
sliding door controllers have acquired CE and RoHS certifi cations.
So you will not have to scramble to find the most refined automated door
controller for your home or workplace; we’ve got you covered, and all you have
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article will discuss the characteristics of the EC100 automated door controller
and the ES200 automatic sliding door controller. Let’s discuss further!

Features: EC100 Automatic door Controller

·         Quick
Access To Everyone

may be accessed without arms; they are convenient for anybody, even
holding two bags or a cart. Automatic doors are commonly utilized in
high-density areas such as office properties, restaurants, and community spaces
to demonstrate care and exceptional customer service.

·         Barrier-Free

Automatic doors give outstanding customer service by enabling anyone to access
effortlessly regardless of age or physical ability. Automatic doors for Intra
restrooms are widely suggested in public spaces such as subway stations and
municipal halls.

·          Energy Conservation

Automatic door controllers help you save resources and costs by lowering yearly
heating and air conditioning expenditures. Doors were open only once triggered
and shut automatically to prevent doors from becoming opened. They also keep
external air and pollution out and keep air conditioning from leaking.

·         Hygienic

doors with palms operation are ideal for clinics and food processing plants
where hygiene is critical. By raising the airflow in the area, an
EC100 automatic door via a wind function may also keep dust and filth from
entering, making it ideal for operating rooms and other regulated settings.

·         Installation

systems like the emergency route system, security system, buildings information
systems, and RWA control panels are frequently connected with automatic door
installations. This allows for centralized monitoring and controlling of all of
these systems, improving property management performance.

·         Safety

automated doors are meticulously engineered to assure safety, there are always
dangers from the installation stage through everyday use. As a result, it is
critical that all key parties, such as landowners, designers, and others,
understand and cooperate to offer everybody with secure and simple entrance.

·         Protection
against fire and Adequate emergency exits

an urgent situation, automatic doors provide protection owing to smart devices
and technologies. In a fire or if fog arises, doors utilized as fire safety
doors must shut adequately. Automatic doors must be fitted with a fail-safe
releasing stimulus producer if a corridor is designated an evacuation and
rescue route. This guarantees that the door opens within a few moments of
someone being prompted or after a power outage, allowing for safe exit and
rescue pathways in the emergency.

·         EC100 (SLM) automatic door control board/KLESE control box

(Universal Gilgen SLM KLESE control box/Gildor Control Box, service part for SLM automatic sliding door and SLM telescopic door maintenance and repair.)
Intelligent microprocessor control unit of EC100 automatic door opener, which is perfect compatible with Kaba SLM or Gilgen SLM KLESE control box (Gildor Control Box), automatic self-diagnostic, self-monitoring operating sequences and low-noise features optimized traveling characteristics.
Alternative option for Gilgen SLM series automatic doors or telescopic doors maintaining and repairing service.

Features: ES200 Automatic Sliding Door Feature

·         Provide Safety and

ES200 automatic sliding
door controllers are now composed of toughened glass that is nearly impossible
to shatter. We can also supply a shatter-resistant safety glass level. They are
hard to break in. Keep in mind that most burglars want to make as little noise
as feasible while breaking into a house. Sliding doors are constructed so that
breaking in requires the time and effort of shattering the whole door. This is
almost unachievable with higher-grade glass. Because of its construction, there
are no “ingenious” techniques to get into a sliding door. Most
criminals will be put off by the prospect of getting into a sliding door since
they prefer easy prey.

·         Multi-Function Controller

It’s an LED-displayed
microprocessor controller and offers various functionalities that you may
customize to meet your requirements. The self-learning microprocessor control
provides dependable operations, synchronized motion intervals and meets and
exceeds stringent safety standards.

·         Easy Access

ES200 automatic door
controllers provide quick access as all you have to do now is move the door
laterally, and it will open wide, giving you accessibility to the outside. They
glide effortlessly down their tracks, especially if you follow up with the low
hassle required to keep them going smoothly.

·         Motor Mechanism

The motor mechanism is
responsible for storing power and distributing it to the belting that assists
in the movement of the doors. An extra drive connects them and helps manage the
amount of energy applied to the belts.

·         Optical Sensor

The sensor notifies the
motor mechanism when it’s time to release the power. When somebody reaches the
door, the optical sensor, also known as a motion sensor, detects them and
activates the motors. Based on the type of door your property employs, these
detectors can also be fitted as trap doors.

In a Nutshell

Finally, we’ve put up the
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