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The full range of styles of sliding doors includes conventional single and bi-parting styles, telescopic and full breakout doors. The choice of style is dependent upon available space and location of the door. Installations fall generally into two categories:


Doors installed within the structural opening. Door installed within the structural opening generally incorporate active leaves and fixed side panels.


Door installed behind the structural opening. Doors installed to marry in with curtain walling or shopfronts provided by others, generally incorporate active leaves without the need for fixed panels.




image002 image003 image004 image005 image006

  1. Transom with track rail, operator and control unit

  2. Sliding door leaves (in telescopic doors,
     fast-moving and slow-moving leaves)

  3. Fixed side screens (for installations between
     extending wall faces or similar, these side
     screens are not required. In order to achieve
     a clear passage width increase of approx.
     200 mm or approx. 400 mm, .

  4. Top light or solid panel

  5. Safety light barriers (photocells)

  6. Activator, e.g. radar motion detector

LW  =   Clear passage width

LH  =   Clear passage height LH

B   =   System width

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