Drive unit for SLM & EC100


Applicable on Caesar EC100 and

Kaba SLM and Gilgen SLM

model automatic sliding doors


EC100 (SLM) Automatic Door Drive Unit (SLM motor assembly)
Modular EC100 automatic door drive unit equipped with an original Dunkermotoren GR 63×55 60V motor and AC power supply (transformer).
The motor and power supply are designed to be sealed in a solid iron gearbox, giving easy moving and assembly, better shield from attacking, better dust proof and perfect connection between motor and power source.
Powerful torque and flexibility makes it highly fulfilling EC100 or Kaba SLM/Gilgen SLM series customization of linear sliding doors, telescopic doors or curved/circular doors.

(Applicable on Kaba SLM and Gilgen SLM model automatic sliding doors and telescopic doors)


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