The advantage of magnetic sliding door usages Magnetic sliding doors are equipped with a system that ensures the longer and it’s free from wear and tear which contributes to its longevity. It offers a quiet and smooth opening and closing opportunity. Discussed below are the characteristics of having a magneticsliding door. Convenientand barrier-free One important … Read more

SW100 swing door automatic opener

The design-oriented swing door automatic opener are available for many applications. We encounter automatic swing doors at every turn, in shopping centres, office buildings, airports or houses. With swing door systems, you’ll find a system solution for your building, with which single and multi-leaf sliding doors and even fire protection doors can open and close … Read more

Automatic sliding door accessories & parts–ES200,ECdrive,SLM

Caesar ES200 Automatic door operator, derived from German technology, in line with EN10065:2012 European safety standards, CE, RoHS and FCC international certification, using international famous brand Germany Dunker motor, powerful, safe and reliable, excellent quality, hot sale to More than 90 countries around the world.   Caesar ES200 Automatic door operator is excellent quality,same as … Read more

ECdrive automatic door DPS

The following modes of operation can be set: 1.“Permanently open” The door moves to the OPEN position and remains open. Movement detector or opening button are deactivated.2.“Night mode” The movement detectors are switched inactive, the door closes. Option: the door leaves are locked electrically to prevent forced opening.3.“Exit only” (one- way) The door only opens … Read more

LED screen automatic sliding door

1.Extremely transparent. The transparency is as high as 72-90%, and the light bar is hardly noticeable from 3 meters away. 2.Modular design. The same size cabinet provides multiple pixel pitch options. 3.Installation is simple and convenient. The box can be quickly and easily installed on another module with both hands directly, or it can be … Read more

Automatic hidden door

Move back and forth, move left and right A Caesar hidden Door transforms your doorway into a secret passageway, adds an exciting space- saving work of art to your home, and creatively disguises entry to any safe or panic room. Our Flush Mount Bookcase Door assembly is a functional bookshelf that provides a variety of … Read more

Hermetic door – Automatic hermetic sliding door for hospitals

What are Hospital hermetic automatic doorsand their function? Most people are more conversant with slidingdoors because that’s what they see almost everywhere they go. Hence thehospital hermetic automatic doors sound foreign. Then, people who visithospitals regularly must have seen it severally without knowing it. At the endof this article, you’ll have full knowledge of the … Read more