Egale 6 Microwave Radar Sensor

The importance of sensors can not be
overemphasized especially when talking about and dealing with automatic doors.
It is one of the necessary and important accessories needed to offer security
to your buildings. They can alert you of a security breach or the presence of
someone in your home. Different detectors can be used. The most commonly used
is a Microwave Radar Sensor.

What is a Microwave Radar

It is a device that implements electromagnetic
radiation, a process that emits and reflects waves to the receiver. The
receiver then carries out analyzes on the wave to observe alterations. A
microwave detector has the capability of observing changes from time to time.
There shouldn’t be a moment of lag in the receiver’s response time.


Working principle of Microwave
Radar Sensor

Microwave Radar Sensors work based on a
generated electromagnetic( RF) field. Its main mode of operation is based on
transmitter and receiver, with the created hot zone (detection zone). Once the
zone is breached by anything, a person or an animal, an alarm is set off once
the system records a change in pattern.

What Are the Capabilities of a
Microwave Radar Sensor?

There are strong Microwave Radar Sensors like
Egale 6 Microwave Radar Sensors that can detect if a person is moving towards
or away from the sensors. The features make this type of sensor reliable.


These sensors are known for their wide
coverage. Hence, they can be used within and outside the premises of the
property. They can also be programmed to create exceptions for some areas based
on activities.

Benefits of a Microwave Radar

Microwave Radar Sensors have high
functionality. They can be used under any environmental conditions without
being distorted. Areas with high heat emission can affect the function of a
photo-electric cell but not a Microwave Radar Sensor.


In addition, since Microwave Radar Sensors
function through ray frequency, they have high piercing capacity. They can
detect movements through walls and holes. This makes them the best option for
residential, industrial, and commercial properties.


These motion sensors provide results
equivalent to their price. They are less expensive and more effective. They can
also be programmed to reduce and avoid cases of false alarms.

Advantages of using Microwave
Radar Sensors

Microwave radar security can provide different
levels of security for your buildings. 
In addition, it provides nonstop 24/7 protection. 


If you require this active protection system
for your residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, Contact us today at
Caesardoor, our team of experts is ready to provide you with information based
on expertise and also get the work done efficiently.



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