EC-HV automatic sliding door operator

The stronger the more stable The EC-HV translation drive unit is a device with super driving force. It is driven by dual motors and is suitable for moving doors with very heavy weight in large places. It has upgraded the industrial design strength of hardware. It can provide unlimited control, smoother functions and more fashionable lines, providing design possibilities only limited by imagination. Door weight 600kg-2000kg Most suitable for commercial applications with heavy traffic or regular traffic High-strength hardware component design. Quiet and smooth operation Dual motor drive operation CAESAR EC-HV Automatic door controller is specially designed to control and…

MS80 automatic magnetic door operator

Caesar MS80 sliding entrance system solves innumerable interior design problems by sutomating interior entrancesin new ways and in new places. MS80 offers achitects,builders,and interior designers the flexibility to dramatically transform and enhance interior spaces–whether in commercial,hospitality,or high end residential settings.  MS80's revolutionary technology ieads to revolutionary possibilities forincorporating automated openings into interior design.  Products details Inspired by magnectic technology from Maglev Trains, the MS 80 operator is driven by magnetic consisting of main complete controller, install back plate, side covers, covers and optional connectors & motion control. Features Besides automatic opening by sensor on the center of beam and noise insulation,…

ECdrive automatic door system

Drive system for linear sliding doors in high traffic The linear sliding door system ECdrive offers numerous convincing benefits at an excellent cost/performance ratio. The drive is suitablefor doors in high traffic areas. The ECdrive covers door leaf weights of up to 120 kg and is uncompromisingly reliable.High-quality materials andthe latest control technology guarantee high efficiency. Servicing costs are considerably reduced thanks to the selfcleaning roller carriage. Therounded cover in the elegant design gives the system an attractive appearance. Caesar ECdrive Automatic door system Features and benefits: 1.Driving motor adopts brush speed regulating motor, which has large torque, wide adjustable speed range and…

ECturn automatic swing door opener

Caesar ECturn automatic swing door opener is very flexible and can be used for left and right doors.Extremely quiet, meeting the requirements of barrier-free building.The doors can be easier opened automatically or manually and closed automatically. With a height of only 6 cm,it can be installed in any building and is almost invisible. ECturn make life easy and convenient,especially for people who are weak or have difficulty in walking. The Advantages of ECturn automatic swing door opener: 1.Excellent quality.Same as GEZE ECturn. 2.Slim body.Only 6cm height. 3.Light weight.Only 4.38kg gross weight,and the packing size is 60x30x8cm. 4.Economic. 5.Easy operation. 6.Safety…

Ruidi150 panasonic sliding door system

The panasonic ruidi150 operator controller module accepts inspection signals from the sensors or other signal switches drive the motor and control the door to run in an appropriate way.Two groups of aid light ray sensor interface and aid function interface are increased to further improve safety and multifunction of the product.

Ruidi120 panasonic sliding door operator

The panasonic Ruidi120 controller module accepts inspection signals from the sensors or other signal switches drive the motor and control the door to run in an appropriate way.Two groups of aid light ray sensor interface and aid function interface are increased to further improve safety and multifunction of the product.

Powerdrive sliding door operator

Powerdrive automatic sliding door system for large and heavy doors of up to 200 kg leaf weight Very powerful drive for large, heavy leaves and wide opening widths Can be networked via CAN bus and integrated into building technology management systems Independent error recognition and recording Adjustment options for all door movement parameters Freely configurable inputs and outputs for different functions

SL automatic sliding door system

Facades with slim post-rail structures seem even lighter and more inviting if they discreetly and easily blend in with building architecture. The new CAESAR SL automatic sliding door operator is idealparticularly in glass facades where large door leaves have to be moved and all components have to appear slim and delicate. With its low drive height of only 7 cm, the SL can be integrated almost invisibly in the facade ane moves door leaf weights of up to 125kg. The new track makes mounting directly on the wall, facade or on girder sections easier. Standard self-cleaning roller carriages guarantee smooth…

ECdrive 80 sliding door operator

Reliable, slim, beautiful and economical The EC 80 is a new automatic sliding door product from Caesar.  It is suitable for single and double sliding doors. It has a simple appearance, modernity and adaptability. This product combines safety and reliability with economic durability. In one, the system uses an advanced modular design that excels in detail, quality materials and the latest drive technology applications ensure optimum performance.

H3 Panasonic automatic sliding door system

Safety  Reliability  Multifunction 1.For single door leaf can be up to 90kg and double door leaves up to 90kg x 2. It can meet most entry and exit requirements. 2.Multifunctional available. Can be set up to be used with a half or fully opening and closing functions. 3.Back up battery can be connected if required. Electric Locks, Sensors and Access Controllers can also be used.  4.If you connect with a fire alarm, when fire alarm triggers, the door will remain fully open to make it easier to exit. 5.Door operator passed 1 million cycles tested without any faults.




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