ES200-easy automatic door operator


Technical Parameter

 Door parameter    Control unit
 1 leaf sliding door    Microprocessor controller
 Passage width  700-3000mm  Function program
 Max leaf weight  1×100kg         -Off
 2 leaf sliding door                   -Automatic
 Passage width  800-3000mm       -Permanent open
 Max leaf weight  2×85kg  -Partial open
 Technical data    -Exit only
 Height  100mm  -Night bank switch
 Depth  180mm  Emergency oof
 Max opening&closing force  150N  Self learning
 Opening speed  10-50cm/s  Automatic reversing
 Closing speed  10-40cm/s  Connection for bistable electr mechanical locking
 Hold-open time  0.5-30sec  Connecting for light barriers
 Main voltage, frequency  230V, 50/60Hz  Setting of basic parameters via intergrated dispaly and push-buttons
 Power consumption  180W  24V output for external consumption
 International protection  IP 20  Read-out error store with error codes

Feature and Advantages
-Modular,flexible system
-for door units up to 2×85KG
-Problem-free adaptation to individual requirements
-Industrially prefabricated and test mini drive unit
-Easy assembly of drive systems
-Multi-functional control,commissioning without programming equipment
-Easy fixing and commissioning
-Can be combined with all customary door profiles
-Reliable function and high safety standards
-Smooth movement
-Complete program at program switches
-Numerous standard connections
-Reliable investment due to compliance with all relevants European standards


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