CS Automatic swing door opener


Door parameter  
Push&pull arm model  
Door panel dimension ≤1.5m/3.0m
Max door leaf weight 150kg
Sliidng arm model  
Door panel dimension ≤1.5m/3.0m
Max door panel weight 150kg
Technical data  
Height 100mm
Depth 104mm
Width 530mm
Opening&closing angle 75°-95°
Opening&closing speed 30%-70%
Closing force 100N
Hold-open time 1-30s
Main voltage,frenquency 110V/230V,50/60Hz
Power consumption <100W
International protection IP30



Feature and Advantages

1. Holland Premotec Coreless motor which can promise the stable working, energy saving.

2.Self-learning of the door working ,weight, open& close width, open angle . No need to adjust any parameter, easy for user to use it. Also you can reset all the parameter and adjust the parameter with optional BEDIS.

3. Automatic reverser when obstacle.

4. Emergency stop as the coreless motor don’t have any inertia.

5. When power fail, the door can close by spring force.

6. Philip ,NXP MCU, CANbus connection interface and three layer PCB

7. Optical encoder to monitoring the door’s position.

8. Logic Servo Unit will realize the visible and digital display of the door working and the fault like the green LED and buzzer can show the door ‘s action.   All of these change the abstract thing to the figurative thing which facilitate the user to use the operator.

9. Optional BEDIS also can show the specific fault through LED.

10. Interlock and the automatic closing sequence control (master or slave) for two- winged system.

11. Dry contact for the BEDIS, safety system like photocell, fire alarm device ,lock



swing door opener

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